Understanding How A Garage Door Can Come Off Its Tracks

3 May 2022
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Due to constant use, a garage door can come off its tracks. The door is more likely to fall off and cause serious injuries if this happens. Therefore, it is important to be keen and look out for signs such as rubbing noises, a slow door, or a change in performance. If you notice any of these, you should call for immediate inspection and repair. You also need to understand the causes for such issues to know enough to hire a garage door repair expert in time. Read More 

4 Signs Your Garage Door Springs Need Repairs

4 February 2022
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You rely on your garage door to secure one of the main entrances and storage spaces in your home. The only way to ensure your residence is secure is to prioritize garage door repair.  One of the elements that must be checked is the garage door springs. The springs are designed to counteract gravity, which makes the door light enough so you or the opener can lift the heavy door effortlessly. Read More