4 Signs Your Garage Door Springs Need Repairs

4 February 2022
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You rely on your garage door to secure one of the main entrances and storage spaces in your home. The only way to ensure your residence is secure is to prioritize garage door repair. 

One of the elements that must be checked is the garage door springs. The springs are designed to counteract gravity, which makes the door light enough so you or the opener can lift the heavy door effortlessly. This post will share common signs that you need garage door springs repair service.

The Door Is Squeaking Excessively

To make the heavy door light, garage door springs take on too much pressure, so they will be worn and start squeaking over time. This will cause the door to make loud noises whenever you try to open or close it. You may apply some lubricant to see if the noise will reduce, but you will have to call a professional if this doesn't solve the problem. The chances are that you are dealing with a major issue and cannot DIY.

The Door Isn't Opening All the Way

If your garage door cannot open, you may try a little troubleshooting to fix the problem. Start by checking the photo-eye at the bottom for debris or dust. Check if the power source is still working. 

If you do this and still the door cannot open, you likely have a broken spring. Contact your technician so they can open the door manually and determine the problems. Garage doors cannot stay open if the spring is split or damaged.

There Is a Visible Gap

Every garage door has a torsion spring composed of other springs that are wound tightly over the door. If they break, they'll unwind, and a gap will be created on the surface. Once you notice a gap between the torsion springs, you should call your garage door technician instead of trying DIY methods to fix the unwound springs. If you do it yourself, you will make the matter worse and risk getting injured.

The Door Is Slamming Down Fast

The function of the torsion springs is to balance your garage door's weight, so the door doesn't slam down quickly every time you close it. When these springs become faulty, there won't be enough resistance. 

Since speed is uncontrollable without resistance, your loved ones and pets will be at risk of getting injured when the door slams down fast. Your vehicle could also be damaged if the heavy door drops unexpectedly, so call a professional immediately if you notice this problem.

Contact a garage door spring repair service for more information.