A Guide To Choosing Garage Door Materials

18 January 2023
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A new garage door can significantly improve the aesthetics of your home. When choosing a garage door, the material it is made of is one of the most critical factors to consider. There are many different material options for garage doors. Here is a guide to the basic materials to help you choose the right type for your garage. 


If you want a lightweight material that requires minimal maintenance, choose vinyl. This material is solid and resistant to dents, cracks, and rust. Vinyl is also durable and can stand up to any environment, including coastal regions where sand, salt, and wind can cause corrosion. It is also fade-resistant and doesn't need to be repainted frequently.


Traditional garage doors were made of wood. Currently, wood is popular for homeowners who want a vintage style. Wood is a good insulator, but it needs to be refinished and maintained regularly.

Wood comes in various styles. There are garage doors made of painted wood with flat panels. Another alternative is stain-grade wood doors that provide the warmth of natural wood. Stain-grade wood garage doors can significantly improve your home's curb appeal. 


Glass gives your home a chic and modern aesthetic. This is an ideal material if your home is in a scenic area. With a glass garage door, you have a perfect view of the outside world. Additionally, if you want to let in natural sunlight, glass is a great option. Glass garage door may not be a good choice if you are close to neighbors with kids who play ball. Glass is also unsuitable if you want an insulated and durable material.


One of the most flexible materials is steel. This material is less costly than wood. It also requires minimal maintenance and doesn't require staining or repainting. You can refinish steel to mimic a wooden surface. Although steel is a poor insulator, double-layered steel garage doors provide insulation to prevent temperature infiltration, block sound, and offer wind resistance. You can also customize your steel garage doors to feature built-in window panels to let natural light into your garage.


This material is popular in coastal locations. Fiberglass is more resistant to saltwater than other materials. Furthermore, choose fiberglass if you want to keep your garage cool during the warm weather. It is also highly customizable and inexpensive. One of the downsides of a fiberglass garage door is that it fades because of weather exposure.

In Closing

When choosing a material for your garage door, consider your budget. Some of the budget-friendly options include fiberglass. If you want durable options like wood and steel, prepare to pay more. 

You should also choose a material that complements the style of your home. Lastly, think about your desired efficiency. Thick materials like wood and steel are good insulators. Consult a garage door dealer to help you choose the best material for your garage door. For more information, contact a company like Garage Tech.