Why Your Garage Door May Not Be Closing

20 May 2021
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When your garage door is having problems opening and shutting, it can be a huge headache for you as a homeowner. You have to worry about debris and weather getting into your garage, not to mention the potential safety and security threat that it poses. So, when your garage door will not shut, you know that there is something wrong. Keep reading to learn a few of the main reasons why you are having problems with your door shutting.


Your garage door is equipped with sensors that can often get obstructed by a variety of things, including dirt and debris. They can also become obstructed from things in the garage, such as tools. If you can see that there is an obstruction that can be easily removed, you can do so. However, if it is not an obvious obstruction, you will want to leave it to the professionals.

Faulty Photo Cell Wiring

If all of the photocells of the garage door opener are not working, then it is not going to work properly. In a number of instances, the wiring of these photocells could be defective as a result of being cut or knocked out. You could make things worse if you try to remedy the situation on your own without the proper tools or experience, so it is recommended to contact a professional.

Loose or Broken Springs

The springs must be in working condition for your garage door to shut completely. It is never a good idea for the average homeowner to try to repair these springs as they are under a tremendous amount of tension, which could cause serious personal injury. If you believe that the springs are loose or broken, contact a garage door repair company immediately to come out and perform the necessary repairs.

Misaligned Track

In a number of cases, the constant opening and closing of the garage door will increase the risk of the rollers becoming misaligned. Yet again, as a homeowner who lacks the proper knowledge and experience in garage door repair, it is recommended to leave this type of repair to a professional to avoid further damage to the garage door system.

Broken Cable or Jammed Pully

There are some instances when the garage door cable may be dangling, tangled up, or broken. You may even notice that the pulley appears to be rubbing along the track or is not at the ideal 90-degree angle, which means that it is jammed. Whatever the case may be, this is a repair job that should be left to the professionals.

All of these issues will keep your garage door from shutting properly, and they are all repair issues that should be left to the professionals. Contact a garage door repair service like Optimal Garage Doors to learn more.