How To Tell If Your Home's Garage Door Needs New Springs

17 December 2019
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Your garage door's springs take on a lot of wear and tear over the years since they're used to open and close the garage door every single time you push that button to activate it. At some point, those springs will need to be replaced due to exceeding their lifespan. You may not be aware that garage door springs are actually rated for so many uses, and there is a chance that the spring can break if it is used beyond that point. Here are some signs that your garage door needs new springs.

Your Garage Door Jerks When Operating

The purpose of the garage door's springs is to help the door open and close smoothly. That's why one of the warning signs of bad springs is when the door starts to jerk when it is operating. To rule out other problems, visually inspect the garage door's tracks to verify that you don't have any debris on them that could be preventing smooth motion. Then look at the casters to ensure that they are not dragging across the track. If those items look fine, it is likely the springs that are the problem.

The Garage Door Is Crooked When Operating

Another aspect to look at is how level the door is when it is opening or closing. The springs help the door remain level during operation, and springs that are worn down can cause them to be uneven lengths. This can cause the door to look uneven when it's moving. Step back as you activate the door, and take note of how level the bottom of the garage door as it moves across the tracks. Be concerned about the springs if the door doesn't look even. 

The Garage Door Makes A Very Loud Noise

Sometimes you'll hear a problem before you actually see it. Have you heard a loud bang go off from the garage door, but not sure where it came from? The springs have a safety cable that runs through them, which prevents the spring from hitting other objects if it were to break. Take a look at the spring and see if it has broken off and retracted around one end of the safety cable. If so, the spring is clearly broken and in need of replacement.

Replacing a garage door's spring can be a difficult task to handle on your out. Reach out to a local garage door repair specialist for their assistance.