3 Reasons To Invest In A Hydraulic Door For Your Hangar

26 November 2018
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It doesn't matter if you have purchased a private plane, constructed your own, or if you simply need a large storage space. You want a door that can offer maximum accessibility and security for your storage area. Hydraulic doors can offer a great solution for fully enclosing your hangar.

A hydraulic hangar door offers many advantages over the traditional bi-fold door system that help to make hydraulic doors the best option for aviation enthusiasts.

1. Reliability

You want to be able to access the interior of your hangar at all times. This means that you will need a hangar door that is reliable. Hydraulic doors have an advantage when it comes to reliability. There are fewer moving parts on a hydraulic door than a bi-fold door.

Hydraulic hangar doors only utilize a single set of heavy-duty hinges. This means that there are fewer moving elements with the potential to malfunction on a hydraulic door. If you want to increase your hangar door's reliability while keeping maintenance and repair costs low, then a hydraulic door is your best option.

2. Headroom

Another concern that private hangar owners have is the amount of headroom that is available within their hangar space. You don't want to invest in a door that will reduce usable headroom.

The wrong hangar door could create a smaller entry point that limits the type of aircraft you can park in the hangar itself. A hydraulic door swings up and away from the building. This feature allows you to maintain maximum clearance while still retaining the ability to secure your hangar (and its contents) when the hangar is not in use.

3. Power

Hangar doors can be quite heavy. The lifting mechanism installed on your hangar door must be powerful enough to provide adequate lifting capability. Hydraulic hangar doors are equipped with hydraulic cylinders that absorb the weight of the door itself during lifting.

When the door is closed, the cylinders use their power to draw the door closer to the building. This creates a weatherproof seal that will guard the aircraft being stored in your hangar against possible corrosion.

Investing in the right hangar door is crucial to the performance and longevity of your aircraft. Consider a hydraulic door if you are looking for a hangar door option that will be reliable and efficient. A hydraulic hangar door strikes the right balance between performance and protection to help make your hangar more accessible in the future.