How To Replace Your Overhead Garage Panels

2 February 2018
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If you are investing money into your home, particularly on exterior remodels, you should not forget your overhead garage doors. Many people don't really think about the garage doors when they are investing in home renovation. However, the garage doors are a vital style feature of your exterior, and they are also surprisingly easy to upgrade. This article explains the ins and outs of rage panel replacement.

Overhead Door Panels are Easy to Replace

Many overhead garage doors have panels that are set with in frames. This means that each individual panel can actually be easily removed from its frame. Then, you can't simply install a new panel in its place. This is a surprisingly easy project, especially when you consider that you can have your replacement panels delivered directly to your property. Basically, once you figure out which replacement panels you want, you can order them directly from the manufacture.

Installing Your New Panels

Once they are delivered to your home, you can begin the installation process, and usually complete it within a single day. This means you don't need to do much prep work, and you really only need one or two helpers. Many people are surprised that the garage panels are held within their frame with just a few bolts. That is, you can usually remove the panels with just a handheld wrench.

Handling the Panels

Once the bolts are removed, the panel will need to be popped out of the frame. You should immediately install the new panel before you remove any of the other ones. You will definitely need help carrying and handling the panels because they can be flimsy, especially on two car garage is. So, with one or two helpers, you need to lift the new panel and pop it into the frame. Once the panel is set in the frame, you just tighten the bolt in the precut holes, securing the panel to the frame. This is basically all you have to do to replace the panels on an overhead garage door.

Of course, some products are a little harder to work with, if only because they weigh more. For instance, hardwood panels are going to be heavier than vinyl. Also, panels with extra insulation are going to be heavier and a little harder to install. Nonetheless, almost every panel will be can be secured to its frame with just a hand held the wrench. For more information, contact companies like Automatic Door Company.