Two Ways To Add Insulation Your Garage

24 November 2017
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Old garages doors can look out-of-style and ugly. If you spend a lot of time inside your garage, you will also be annoyed if your old doors are losing their insulation. As your panels age, your garage might become less efficient, making it harder to keep your rooms comfortable. This article explains two easy ways to make your garage more comfortable.

Add Insulation to Your Panels

You can find several different types of insulation products that you can add directly to your existing garage panels. This is usually the cheapest solution for making your garage temperatures a little more tolerable. That being said, the extra insulation, since it is inside your garage but on the outside of your panels, usually looks sloppy. Nonetheless, it is a great option if you have a limited budget and want to immediately add some insulation to your garage doors.

Change Your Panels Completely

Changing you panels completely is actually a pretty easy job. Of course, you first need to find replacement panels. If you buy your panels straight from a company like Morris Doors Inc, you will have quite a few options to choose from. You can have your panels delivered straight to your home. Once they arrive, double check that they are the right size before moving forward. Removing your old panels and installing the new ones is a two man job. Most panels are held inside the frame with just a few bolts. These bolts can be remove with a handheld wrench. No power tools are needed. Remove all of the bolts, and then push the panel out of the frame. You might need to use some force to get the panel out.

Installing the new panel works best when you have a helper holding the other end. Since the panels are long and flimsy, you want to hold both ends so they don't bend and kink. Place the panel into the frame together. Then, one person needs to go inside the garage to secure the panels. The bolts need to be securely tightened, pulling the panels flush with the frame.

This is all you need to do for this surprisingly simple DIY project. The panels might be long and awkward to carry, but they are usually very lightweight, so the work is not very demanding. Replacing panels is also a very affordable project, especially when you handle your own installation. Adding insulation to your interior is much cheaper and quicker, but it doesn't have such a big impact on your home.