Composite Vs. Real Hardwood Garage Door Panels

14 November 2017
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Do you want to make your garage doors a little more stylish? Tract homes are often built with generic-looking aluminum garage panels. These are certainly functional and easy to take care of, but they aren't exactly the most stylish option. If you want to add some style and flare to your garage, you should consider installing wood panels. However, you don't necessarily need to install real hardwood panels to achieve an authentic style. This article compares composite products with real hardwood, looking at how they function when it comes to their usage for garage panels:

Real Hardwood Panels

You can't really go wrong with real hardwood garage panels. That is, even though they might require a little more maintenance and care, the fact that you have hardwood panels is going to add some style and individuality to your home. One of the best things about having wooden panels is that you can refinish them, repaint them, and change the color whenever you want. This amazing freedom is something you don't have with most other garage products. The maintenance for garage hardwood garage panels is simple unless they are always exposed to the sun and moisture. If so, he will need to reapply the finish more often to protect them from the elements. But, it is generally nothing you need to worry about on a regular basis. In fact, you may need to refinish your panels (at the most) once every three years.

Composite Wood Panels

To most homeowners, the biggest drawback of real hardwood is that it costs more. If you're looking for something more affordable, composite products look great. Most composite panels don't even have real wood, but there are some that have a wooden core. These are then capped with a printed, textured finish that looks and feels very much like real wood. Most people are pleasantly surprised how authentic these composite panels look. Some people are a little skeptical of having an imitation product because they think it will look cheap.

In the end, it should come down to your personal preference. If you think the deposit products look fine, you should definitely go for them. They are more affordable, easier to take care of, and they will last longer. Both products can contribute to the exterior style of your home and make your home more valuable, especially when you match them up with your roofline, doors, and window fixtures.