Fiberglass Vs. Wooden Garage Panels

8 November 2017
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Updating your garage door style is great decision. Most people think of upgrading their exterior paint or windows before they think of doing any work to their garage doors. However, a new garage door will have a big impact on your home's style. There are quite a few great products to choose from when it comes to garage door panel materials. This article looks at two of the most popular choices.

Wooden Panels Are Stylish But Need Maintenance

When it comes to garage panels, wood is always going to be a popular choice. Homeowners love having wooden garage doors that match with the wooden elements around the rest of their home's exterior. For instance, you can add garage doors to match with your regular doors, window fixtures, roofline, and/or fencing. This will give your home a cohesive look and a more defined style. Wood is also a popular choice because it is the easiest product to refinish. That is, the homeowner can change the finish after the wooden panels are installed as often as they want. You can alternate between a solid paint finish or a clear stain. Basically, you have more freedom with the look of your garage doors.

The two main drawbacks of wooden garage door panels is that they are usually more expensive, and they require more maintenance. The maintenance for garage doors involves refinishing them if the surface becomes exposed to water. But, this isn't a thing you need to worry about that often. In reality, you might need to refinish your garage panels once or twice in their lifetime. Most people take this opportunity to put a new color on their garage.

Fiberglass Panels Are Plain And Low Maintenance

Fiberglass is another great garage door panel material. It is far lower maintenance, and it is usually more affordable than wood. Fiberglass, unlike wood, is completely waterproof. It should not be painted or stained. It comes with a permanent paint finish. This means that you don't need to take any special measures to protect it from moisture, like sealing or waterproofing it in any way. Over the years, this could be a considerable money saver.

Both of these materials are great for any homeowner who wants to upgrade their garage panels and give them a completely new look. Just make sure you consider the maintenance requirements of both products before making the investment, because they are very different in many ways. Contact a company like Mid-South Door Co for more information.