How To Keep Your Garage Door Secure By Keeping The Photo Eye In Good Condition

19 October 2017
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A secure garage door keeps your family and home safe. This opening is another way that trespassers can enter your home. For these reasons, your door must be in perfect balance. Your doors should be able to easily rise and lower even when not connected to the automatic opener. It can carry out these functions because of being in perfect balance. If your doors keep getting stuck in position, then you may need a garage door repair. Read on to find out how to keep your garage door secure by keeping the photo eye in good condition.

What Is The Photo Eye?

The photo eye is a safety feature that is installed in garage doors. Its function is to immediately stop the door from closing when the photo eye senses obstruction. However, your garage doors can get knocked out of alignment. When the doors are out of alignment, they will always respond as if something is obstructing them. This results in locking your doors in an upright position. You can call a professional to put them back into alignment.

How Does The Photo Eye Gets Misaligned?

The photo eye is made up of two sensors. There is one each side of your garage doors. A sensor points a beam at the other one. If something interrupts this beam, then it breaks the circuit. This results in your door not closing. These sensors are very sensitive and can easily become unbalanced. Small things that gets in the path of the sensors can activate the circuit breaking action.

How To Get It Back In Alignment?

You have to locate the sensors and see if each one has a lit LED light. Sensors are unbalanced when one LED light is lit and not the other. The unlit sensor will need to be manipulated by hand to get the light to come back on. If the LED light comes back on, then your door should work.

If you do not have experience with installing garage doors, then you should get a professional. Some people have problems with the sensors because of them not being correctly mounted. For example, one sensor may be higher than the other one.

If something is wrong with your doors, then you should never ignore it. A repair puts a strain on the other components and make them work harder. This results in your garage doors having more than one issue. If you need to make a repair, then it is time to call in a professional. You can also visit websites like