3 Ideas To Beautify Your Garage Door

10 October 2017
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Your garage door makes quite the statement on your home. If it doesn't look nice from the curb, that statement is not going to be a good one. Instead of replacing your old garage door, you have a few options to spruce it up a bit and take it from drab to absolute fab quickly.

Garage Door Skins

You know those skins that kids put on their cell phones and gaming consoles? Well, you can do something similar with your garage door. This is a relatively new concept that hasn't quite hit the popularity stream yet.

These skins are made of vinyl and magnets. The magnets hold the skins to the metal door and the vinyl provides a fresh, new look that is easy to clean and maintain. It will look as if you have replaced the entire garage door and it only took you about an hour to adhere it to the surface.

Note that this option is best for smooth finish garage doors and will not work on wood or vinyl garage doors.

Faux Finish Hardware

Carriage house garage doors can create the look of country charm, but you don't have to go out and replace the entire garage door to get the look. All you need is some hardware and a little black paint.

Purchase a group of 4 matching decorative hinges to position on both sides of your garage door. Purchase two decorative handles that will stand out on the center-front of the door. Paint a line down the middle of the garage door to make it appear to open from the center.

You will get your carriage door look without having to spend the money to purchase one.

Overhead Trellis

If you have a little woodworking skill, an overhead trellis could be just what you need. You can install it directly over the garage door to add a bit of charm. You can then finish the trellis with beautiful vining plants and flowers.

If you aren't skilled with a saw, this is a project that is likely best left to a professional. You don't want the trellis to become a safety hazard because it doesn't have enough support or hasn't been attached to the garage properly.

As long as you continue to keep up with the maintenance and repairs of your garage door, you shouldn't have to fully replace it for some time. Talk with a professional from companies like Georgia Garage Doors Inc. to learn more about keeping your garage door looking and working great.